March 28th  - 8:00 pm

We are excited to be opening again for the amazing & wonderful Sloan Wainwright at the Acoustic Cafe in Parkridge, NJ.

We consider it a CD Release for the New Jersey region and will share songs from our new CD, TRUST- which, by the way, just hit the TOP 20 on the ROOTS RADIO Charts! Woo-Hoo! Right between Jackson Browne and Bob Dylan.

For this show, we will be joined by Mark Dann on bass and we couldn't be more excited to be reunited with Sloan.
Kindred Spirits….

Tickets: $20 /online  or $22 /door
Location: OLM Academy: 25  Fremont Road, Parkridge, NJ

THE LEVINS - God's Spies ( Shakespeare, King Lear) 

In Studio Video - WPKN RADIO interview
Thank you Jim Motavalli (host of WPKN Radio in Bridgeport, CT) for filming / posting this video from our in-studio  session.( Feb, 2015)  We had such a good time at that interview!  This song is from our new CD, TRUST and based on Shakespeare's, King Lear.  
As requested, lyrics are below. )
God’s Spies (King Lear Act 5, scene 3)  The LEVINS © 2014

Sometimes love's depth can find no words to paint the picture
 break the silence, speak your truth or court uncertain misery.

For some it's all a battleground, reaping sorrow from mock rage 
But the two of us, together we'll sing like birds...even when we're feeling caged.


As we head off it occurs to me, there are so many ways to give 

Like in King Lear act 5 scene 3…so we'll live,


And pray, and sing, and tell old tales and laugh at gilded butterflies,

And take upon's the mystery of things, as if we were God's spies


We can rail against the storm, keep the fool for company

Be sad, go mad, become a crown-less king, still it's down to you and me.


The news is like the tide with who loses and who wins.

Pacts and sects of great ones, who is out and who is in

ebb and flow by the moon while we're wandering on the Heath.

Oh that fickle changing loon with us playing underneath.


As we head out, it occurs to me, there is still time to forgive 

Like in King Lear act 5 scene 3…so we'll live,


And pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh at gilded butterflies,

And take upon's the mystery of things, as if we were God's spies


We are telling different tales. Secrets falling from our lips.

When our eyes are free from scales we can see what was eclipsed.


So we'll pray, and sing, and tell old tales and laugh at gilded butterflies,

And take upon's the mystery of things, as if we were God's spies


7pm-8pm  / $12
196 Allen Street, NYC, NY
We are really looking forward to sharing the music live!  We will have special guests joining us and plan to flood that room with a sound it won't soon forget. Come be a part of it and sing along with us!  Joined by percussionist, Sean Dixon, (Zammuto, Barnbaby Bright)  and cellist, David Moss ( Blue Hilt, Kerrville New Folk Winner 2011)  and the lovely Judy Kass will join us on vocals.

$12 admission includes a CD

GREAT NEWS! - "TRUST" - Top 10 CD / Folk DJ Charts Feb '15 

#9 CD "TRUST" -  FOLK DJ CHART! Feb '15
#7 Song "Trust" - FOLK DJ CHART!  Feb'15
#15 Song "Love Song" - FOLK DJ CHART! Feb '15

We are so grateful to all the DJs who played us - from New York/New Jersey to New Zealand!  And...Germany, Australia, israel, England, Canada and all over the US.  From radio stations in Massachusetts to California and Louisiana to Michigan.  It's been a lot of fun hearing from new fans and listeners from all over the world.

Plus! We were in great company on this list! Tied at #9 CD with our friends,  Moors and McCumber from CO whom we shared the Rockwood Music Hall stage with (On Your Radar) and #15 song with our very own Tribes Hill member,  Fred Gillen Jr, of NY.

Great Concert this weekend! MARCH 7th 

Saturday, March 7th : Benefit Concert with Billy Jonas 

Jonah Maccabee Concert
March 7th  8 pm   GET TICKETS HERE!
Woodlands Community Temple
White Plains, NY

We will be sharing the evening with a fabulous musician and friend. It's a benefit for a wonderful foundation that helps young adults build whole and healthy lives whether through the arts, social justice or in general. It's our favorite non-profit to support and quite an honor to present on their behalf.  We had a rehearsal in the Catskills with Billy Jonas last week.  We loaded our equipment into the gym of a Holiday Inn Express and filled the place with music.  We had a blast and you will too.  Lot of singing that involves you, so join us! 



The Place House Concert Series

Livingston, NJ


For reservations and directions call Amy Blake 973-992-7491



New Haven Folk Consortium House Concert

private residence, New Haven, CT


New Haven Folk Consortium House Concert with Honor Finnegan / Aviv Roth 5:30 Potluck supper 6:30 concert To RSVP, or for directions please contact Barbara Schiller:

$20 suggested



2nd Annual Rockland Music Festival

Tappan, NY


more to come!





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